Office Den Eikenhorst

Office Den Eikenhorst
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The former barn of Den Eikenhorst estate was converted into offices in 1998. Recently, part of the loft has been converted into office space, connected to the open office floor through a blue steel spiral stair. In addition, the interior has been completely renovated.

The roof has been fitted with high-quality insulation. The former hay trap has been turned into a window and four steel skylights have been added to the north side of the roof. The design rooms have seen the addition of a new meeting table and a lunch/flex work/consultation corner. In the entrance hall, a new library with a wall unit has been realised. The former meeting room has been converted into a board room. A number of side rooms - the former stables - now fulfil the role of silent work areas. BiermanHenket has been based in the barn-turned-office of the listed Den Eikenhorst estate since 1998. The mansion was built at the start of the 19th century as a summer residence and around 1850 landscape architect Zocher Jr designed the surrounding gardens in the English landscaping style.

  • Design: 2017
  • Client: BiermanHenket
  • Location: Esch
  • Delivery: 2017
Workspace overview
Entrance hall with library
Workspace with conference table
Workspace with a lunch / flex work / discussion corner

‘The firm has been based in the barn-turned-office of the Den Eikenhorst estate since 1998. We carry out a great deal of work on historical architecture, and we actually do that work in a monumental and inspiring environment.’

Sjoekie de Bijll Nachenius, Partner and Architect
Steel spiral staircase to the attic
Attic with new staircase and skylights
Former barn with BiermanHenket office on the Den Eikenhorst estate

Project team

Sander de Bruin Marty van de Ven Wiebe de Leijer Sjoekie de Bijll Nachenius Henk van Laarhoven Kim de Man

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