Domein aan de Dommel

Domein aan de Dommel
  • Care
  • Residential
  • Transformation
  • Sustainability
  • New construction

The main building of Kentalis and its surrounding areas in Sint-Michielsgestel will be given a new purpose. Commissioned by BPD | Bouwfonds Gebiedsontwikkeling and in close collaboration with Kentalis and the municipality of Sint-Michielsgestel and colleagues DELVA and BOEI, 'Domein aan de Dommel' is being designed: a beautiful living and residential community with 400-500 affordable and sustainable owner-occupied and rental homes and suitable ( commercial) facilities within a special landscape environment of the Dommel Valley. 

In Domein aan de Dommel, peace, privacy and security are of paramount importance. For the students, clients and employees of the Kentalis educational and healthcare institution, but also for the future new residents and users of the area. The monumental main building will be given a new purpose, where, in addition to various facilities for the Kentalis target groups, living and accommodation come together. There is also room for new construction: two car-free residential areas are carefully integrated into nature. Forming the closest possible community for everyone is the main goal at Domein aan de Dommel. A new community will really live together here.

  • Design: 2023
  • Client: BPD
  • Location: Sint-Michielsgestel
  • Delivery: starting from 2026
Impression main building

The development will take place in phases. In 2025, work will start on repurposing the main building with apartments and social (commercial) facilities plus a new-build section next to the main building. The first residents are expected to move in at the beginning of 2026. Phase two includes the Polderzicht section, which is scheduled for completion in 2027. The final phase is called Dommelpark and will be realized from 2028.

Impression courtyard, with new wings main building

'I am enthusiastic about the presented development 'Domein aan de Dommel'. It will be a beautiful new residential area on the Dommel, an enrichment for our village. It offers opportunities for a diverse community where residents, young and old, meet each other. Thanks to close collaboration with BPD, Kentalis and other parties involved, a new area is being created in which to live and live, where history and innovation come together.'

Alderman Lianne van der Aa

Domein aan de Dommel

Impression Dommelpark
Impression Dommelpark

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