Our vision

Functionality and sustainability are key framework conditions
Our vision

We are specialised in the restoration, transformation and extension of existing - often listed - buildings. In addition, we create new buildings which fit naturally into a town or neighbourhood. It is our aim to create surprising buildings and interiors where people can move around comfortably and which encourage people to meet. We bring historical awareness to our work, building upon the layered city architecture. In doing so, we strive for the highest quality of architecture which adjusts naturally to its use, but which at the same time leaves room for change.

The interface between old and new and interior design are our special focus areas. We look for a careful balance between the traditional and the modern, using functional clarity and technical innovation to produce sustainable buildings. As functional and technical requirements change at an increasing pace, we design flexible buildings which can easily be adapted in the future. This design approach aligns naturally with the need for circular design.

Museum de Fundatie: a contemporary venue in historic Zwolle

‘Buildings should be of a high-quality design and be functional. But above all they should provide space for people to meet and feel comfortable.’

De Bibliotheek library in Deventer is a bright and open space - an inviting and user-friendly venue for studying and meetings.
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