• Care
  • Residential
  • Sustainability
  • New construction

Over the years, the former hospital site on the Dommel in Boxtel has grown into a large care complex of several connected buildings. We have drawn up a vision for Zorggroep Elde Maasduinen (ZGEM) in which the large scale, which does not match the village character of Boxtel, is replaced by smaller-scale living in greenery. The idea is to create spaces in the green – green rooms – where people can live, meet and relax.

The plan is to build separate building volumes for a total of approximately 90 residents, housing 2 target groups: dementia and a more severe class of dementia patients with misunderstood behaviour. The design is arranged in such a way that there is flexibility in placing 1 of the 2 target groups

The design must result in a future high-quality final design for which ZGEM, but also all its stakeholders (such as the municipality, local residents, interest groups, etc.) have a positive attitude. The intention of the plan is to design a standard for a garden villa. In this way, a modular system can be developed in collaboration with a supplier, so that the most suitable construction method and system can be chosen.

Circular and biobased building are principles that ZGEM is happy to pursue, whereby the living and experience qualities for residents, employees and visitors always retain priority. A new home in Boxtel on the Dommeldal.

  • Design: 2021, 2022
  • Client: Zorggroep Elde Maasduinen
  • Location: Boxtel
  • Delivery: DO 2022
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