Kentalis verkoopt voormalig hoofdgebouw aan BPD

Kentalis verkoopt voormalig hoofdgebouw aan BPD

Historical monument becomes central heart for sustainable living and working


Team BPD – DELVA – BiermanHenket – BOEI wins the sales procedure for the transformation of the Kentalis Main Building and its surrounding areas in Sint-Michielsgestel. In close collaboration with Kentalis and the municipality of Sint-Michielsgestel, we are working towards the 'Domein aan de Dommel': a beautiful living and residential community with affordable and sustainable owner-occupied and rental homes and appropriate (commercial) facilities within a special landscape environment of the Dommel Valley. .

“The main building is inextricably linked to Sint-Michielsgestel,” says Frans van den Boomen, development manager BPD South region. “That was the case in the past and will remain the case in the future. Our proposal is to give this beautiful main building a new life, so that it will soon become the central heart of the renovated area. We make the building more sustainable and make it suitable for living and working, with the necessary facilities. We attach great importance to an inclusive society and that is why we want to ensure good harmony with our special neighbors and the area on which they live and learn. In addition, we are proud that with the repurposing of the building we are also strengthening the quality of the site.” In the autumn, local residents and other interested parties will be invited to contribute ideas about the further implementation of the plans.

“We have taken note of the proposed sale,” said Lianne van der Aa, councilor of Sint-Michielsgestel. “We look forward to further explanation of the plans and to good cooperation in the transformation of the area.”

Redevelopment of site

In addition to the former main building, Kentalis is also selling part of the adjacent site to BPD. The main building and entire site have become too large for the activities that Kentalis wants to maintain in Sint-Michielsgestel. Adjustments are currently being made to the part of the site that remains in Kentalis' possession so that it remains a pleasant and protected environment for living, daytime activities and education.

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