Zonnestraal - Resort

Zonnestraal - Resort
  • Care
  • Residential
  • New construction

The resort consists of four buildings with a total of 55 spacious rental and owner-occupied apartments. The buildings have been sited on an existing open space in the woods, in close proximity to care home Zonnehoeve, which will provide tailor-made care to the residents of the apartment complex. 

The buildings ‘float’ above the landscape, with car parks partly below ground level, so the landscape remains free of cars. They are designed in a sombre style using stucco work, aluminium, glass and timber. Large façades open out into winter gardens providing a pleasant facility for the residents. The third-floor penthouses, set back, afford wonderful views of the treetops in the estate. Development of the resort will ensure the financial feasibility of the Rijksmonument Sanatorium Zonnestraal restoration.


  • Design: 2002 - 2004
  • Client: Latei Projectontwikkeling, Vesteda
  • Location: Hilversum
  • Delivery: 2005
Resort just after completion

Project team

Janneke Bierman Hubert-Jan Henket (founder) Henk van Laarhoven Teresa van Rosmalen Erik Pennings

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