• Office
  • Residential
  • Hotel
  • Public
  • Transformation
  • Sustainability
  • New construction

The former prison complex Wolvenplein in Utrecht is being transformed into a special mix of living, working and hospitality industry. BiermanHenket was commissioned by area developer AM to design the redevelopment of this monumental complex, in close collaboration with Karres and Brands.

The former penitentiary has lost its original function, but its value is retained as much as possible in the redesign; the characteristic cell structure, the galleries and the wings of the complex remain recognizable in the design. In addition to a mix of functions, including homes in the social and middle segment, hospitality and offices, the plan provides for a public walking route through the site.

  • Design: 2020
  • Client: AM
  • Location: Utrecht
Impression redesign
Aerial view Wolvenplein
Historic situation
Situation after transformation

“This beautiful place on the edge of the historic city center of Utrecht will have a wonderful new future. It will be a lively complex for the residents of Wolvenplein and for the residents of Utrecht. In addition to preserving the historic atmosphere of this special place, it will be opened and made greener. With this, Wolvenplein is facing a new and sustainable future!”

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